Thursday, 25 September 2008

New Counter and 2 cars!!

Me again, twice in one day, sorry ladies. Well I have now installed a new counter onto my blog as my last one disappeared over a fortnight ago. I don't know where it went, but I couldn't find it, decided to finally install another one. I am therefore going to offer some blog candy when it reaches the 5000 mark, thats what I had initially intended to do. It was at about 3000 plus before, so it could take some time. However I will make it worth while, when i do finally get there, maybe in time for christmas, that would be great!

Also for those of you who know about the car accident and all the trouble with my insurance and the hire car, today the garage who are doing the repairs turned up with guess what? yes, a hire car!! So I have two hire cars on the drive as we speak and no inclination to drive either of them!!!! I was told the repairs will take at least 10 days, so im now feeling totally fed up about it all. I am worried about driving the hire car incase I scratch it, or have another accident. I seem to have lost what little confidence I had at the moment, never mind while im home I can spend more time crafting!

Enjoy your day ladies, I hope you have some sunshine wherever you are, here it is raining, dull and damn right miserable! Hugs Linda x


Jill said...

aww Linda, I so sorry you don't feel like driving, maybe just try around the block abit. Hope you feel like making some cards Hugs Jill x

Lana said...

Hi Linda,
This has also happened to me before!!
Your work is fab!
Lana x

Sue said...

sorry to hear of your accident Linda,as long as you are ok thats the main thing.Don't fret about the hire car, thats what insurance is for.I had a 4 car shunt last summenr and it absolutely smashed my car up and was writen off and it took my confidence butyou have to get back driving as soon as you can linda,it will be for the best:)


Sandra said...

Sorry to hear about your accident Linda,but pleased that you were all ok,it must have been a terrible shock for you and the children.Unfortunately i don't drive myself,i wish i'd learnt years ago,it's a bit late for me now,anyway there's far too many lunatics on the road now.
Take care
Sandra x

fairymadjo said...

hi hun,
well dont worry hun too much. i'm just glad your ok hun, what would i do with out you?
and if you dont feel like driving , dont worry, only when your ready.
hugs jo x

Christine said...

Hi Linda sorry to hear about the car, im sure you will feel like driving soon.
Hugs Chrissy

Cazzy said...

Linda, I am pretty sure you can tell the counter what number to start at when you first get it.

Hope all goes well with the car.

Lisa said...

Awww Linda, I am so sorry to hear that.... I know what you mean about confidence and driveing I had an accident about 9 years ago whilst my son was in the car with me, the car rolled and it was a total wreck.. we were both fine nothing broken, which was a miracle. It was a while before I got my hire car so was very scared at first but its surprising how it comes back... but it has made me a very careful driver.

Hopefull the crafting will give you much enjoyment.

Take care and thanks for stopping by my blog, it's really appreciated.

Simone P. said...

I am sorry to hear about your troubles as well! Hang in there and keep creating!
Hugs for you,

Emma said...

Linda I was so shocked to hear of your accident and I am so sorry that I have not been around for you. You should have e-mailed me. It must have been such a shock but I am so glad that you are ok. Sending you lots of love and hugs Emma.x
(And thank you for all the lovely messages you have left me...they have really cheered me up.x)

cats whiskers said...

Oh Dear Honey what a rotten week you have had, but you have managed to get through it, now Chin Up, wish I could give you a hug
Huggles Jacqui x

Kim Piggott said...

Hey hope you are feeling less shaken up. I know how upsetting blooming car accidents can be. It puts you right off driving doesn't it. You will start to feel yourself soon and then you will know when you will feel happy about driving again. In the meantime you take care and don't worry about anything.
kim x

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Hi Linanna, Sorry about your accident. I hope you're feeling like getting out again soon.

In the meantime enjoy your papercrafting! It's beautiful!

Oh, you can some join me in sunny Arizona if you don't like your weather. I think it was 106 degrees here today. Yuk!

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