Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Blog Candy Finally and My Rocky Bear!


Good morning, its Tuesday again, and its well overdue for my blog candy. As some of you will know not only am i celebrating my Birthday this Saturday, yes i will be 21 again!!! but its also my blog anniversary at the end of the month. So to celebrate i have put together some blog candy which im hoping might tempt you all.

I will be adding some more to this candy over the next week, including a pile of stamped images, if you have any special requests i will accommodate if i can.

Selection of Pink Ribbons
DCWV Green Paper Stack
2 x packs C6 cards/envelopes
Bright pink 6mm Flat backed pearls
Stitche rub ons
Daisy D Paper Pack already die cut
2 x 20m organza spot ribbon (blue and white)
Sugar Nellie Grab Bag containing 4 stamps plus extras
3 x packs of assorted gems (glue, green, pink)
Spellbinders Framabilities - Scalloped Edge Frame
If you like the look of this candy then please leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and if you have a blog and would like to let others know about my candy thats great, but its not necessary. Also if you want to become a follower thats also great but not necessary.
There will however be another small blog candy surprise to one of my followers. This will be a separate draw done at the close of the main blog candy.
This candy will run till the 27th June mid day, good luck to you all.

As many of you will know we recently had an addition to our family, a 7 month old Rottie called Rocky Bear!! well, Rocky Bear is settling in well infact it feels like he's alway been here. I never knew how much joy a dog could bring you, but truly they do, and i can not imagine life without him. Despite him constantly taking rubbish from my bin and spreading it all over the floor!!!!
You can see that my baby loves to lay with me when im crafting, there is not much space down by my desk but just enough for him to lay!

Fast asleep, bless him!

Because of Rocky Bears arrival, and the fact that we have to contain him to the conservatory (for allergy reasons!) we thought it would be sensible to put a sofa in the conservatory so we can sit with him in the evening. As you know my crafting space is in the conservatory. Well there was no way we could fit a settee in as things were, so i had to re-arrange my crafting stash, and condense it (shows just how much i love Bear!). After hours of huffing and puffing i finally managed to fit everything in a much smaller space! admittedly it looks a bit untidy but it is working for me, things are closer to hand and i don't have to get up from my chair much!

This is a view from the top end of the conservatory, as you can see just enough space for the settee.

It's amazing how much you can fit into a space when you have to!

This is the settee, that i brought from ebay for the bargain price of £60. I can not tell you how thrilled we were when we went to collect it. It had been recovered last month! at a cost of £1699.00 for the complete suite. Unfortunately the suite got separated, but we coudn't have fitted in 2 more chairs anyway!

So now we get to spend the evenings sitting with Rocky Bear, either watching TV or in my case crafting!
Hope you are all having a good week, and i am looking forward to catching up with you all during the week, sorry for my less frequent visits, but my puppy is taking up so much of my time at the moment.
Thats it for now, remember i will be adding more blog candy during the week, will post photos as i do so!
Hugs for now Linda x


Tasha said...

Ah hun cant believe how much youve condensed your space - but it still looks like you have lots of room.
Oh thanks for the chance to win all that lush candy. I will link you up on my candy sidebar
Happy Birthday Linda - although you will here from me before your birthday lol thought i should say it in this post lol hehehe
Im so lucky to have you as my friend
love tasha xx

Moni said...

Hi Linda,
sorry for not been much good visitor lately. I do love to visit your blog, you have fab creations. Happy birthday, I am your follower and would love to win this fab candy! I linked you on my blog! You have one fab crafty room, I wish I could have it! :)
Have a fab day! Hugs, moni

Tracy said...

Hi Linda.
Oooooh your candy looks yummy!
Your craft space looks good and it's bigger than mine. I know what you mean about rocky taking up your time, I have a 4 month old and a 1 year old collies.
I've put you on my sidebar and I'm a follower already.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Nannieflash said...

Wow Linda, you do seem to manage to contain a quart in a pint pot, how youve managed to get yourself and all your furniture and the settee into your conservatory I just dont know, but youve done it and it looks brilliant.
The Blogcandy looks really yummy and so generous of you, Im sure the person who wins it will think theyve had a birthday as well. With love and great big hugs to you and Rocky Bear, love Shirleyxxx

Gvendalen said...

Hi Linda,
you have a very yummy candy and good craft space. I've link for you on my sidebar and I'm a follower already.
Thank for the chance.
Hugs, Elena.

Amanda's paper palace said...

I'm soooo jealous of your craft space i would love a conservatory to carft in...heaven lol.
Thanks so much for the chance to win this gorgeous candy!
I will put a link on my blog for you
hugs amanda xx

Michelle said...

Ok your space is awesome!! How great that you were able to condense it and have everything you need closer to you!! Sounds like a win win for both you and Rocky Bear! Thank you so very much for the chance to win such awesome blog candy - you are one dear and sweet lady and I'm so glad that we met through PCP & Christmas Stampin' All Year Long

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Linda said...

Your Rocky looks very content. Love your crafting space....love all the windows...great view.
Happy Birthday and Blogersary!! Hope you have a super duper birthday week. :)
I am one of your followers and have just linked your blog candy on my side bar.
You bet I like the looks of the display of blog candies....YEAH stamped images....love them!!!
Thank you for the chance to win.

Nunt said...

Hi Linda,
gosh, I have some stash to go yet to get where you are at :D All my stuff fit into 2 boxes :D But that is a nice and comfy little place you have, very airy and light.

I don't know which is more adorable, your candy or Rocky Bear :D He at least looks very huggable <3 If I don't get lucky and win the candy, can I get a doggy-hug instead?

I posted your candy in my sidebar and I already was a follower, so see you around in the blog world ^_^


Risa said...

Hello Linda,
Even though you have condensed your crafting space, you still have plenty of room even! Rocky Bear is so cute and I imagine a joy to your family.
Thanks for the chance to win such awesome candy! I will post a picture on my blog shortly.
Happy Birthday and thanks for the chance to win your blog candy.

angelwhispers Chanelle said...

Thanks for the chance of such yummy candy!! Love the craft space even condensed it looks fab (and so much stuff!!) lol never too much xx Rocky does look as though he's been there forever xx

Karen said...

hi linda, I am a follower of your fab blog and would love the chance to win your candy, happy 21 again and happy blogaversary.
and isn't rocky bear just adorable x

Pinkllilac said...

Happy Birthday Linda good to see Rocky had settled in and made him self at home lol, special baby needs special comforts and a great crafting space too :-)
Oh I would love to win your special candy so yummy, off to link you in my candy jar now and of course I am a follower.
Enjoy your Birthaday and I hope you get lots of yummy stuff.
Big Hugs Linda xx

Anesha said...

Happy Birthday Linda. Love the cute addition to your family and boy your work space is so tidy, want to do mine? :-) Have a wonderful day. Hugs anesha

Denise said...

Wow, that looks like a big room! Love your craft area....bigger than mine. Hope you have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Hugs & Aloha from Hawaii~

Riet said...

Wowwwwww Linda,what a beautiful room,l love the you blog.

Hugs Riet.xx

Steph said...

Wow, Linda!!!! Your crafting space is amazing!! I love all the pastel coloured storage boxes you've got, they look so pretty. Have sent you a little birthday pressie in the post. If I don't blog you before then, have a wonderful day! xx

fairymadjo said...

hi linda,
wow i love your craft space, love seeing photo's hun, ahhh bless rocky bear , i look so cuddly . wow your candy is just amazing hunny , some one is going to be very lucky to get it huggs jo x

Angie said...

Oh My,
Your little bear is settling in just fine, am jealous of your lovely crafting space,
looking forward to crocheting,
Thanks for the chance to win some fantastic candy, have put a piccy link on my blog for you,

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Linda my first time visit and I am so glad I have because I just love your Rocky Bear he is one very handsome chappie. I am an animal lover and have a Jack Russell they do bring so much joy and love into your life they are so loyal, my little boy was 14 yr last Wednesday so not as young any more but boy is he lively. I hope you will have a great birthday and thank you so much for the chance to win some candy. I have become a follower as I would love to see Rocky progress and grow but you make some beautiful cards and I get so much joy from visiting crafters blogs to see their wonderful creations. I think you have done really well with your craft space mine is only half that size lol...mind you I do have other places where I stash stuff lol.

Lorraine x

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Awww...loving Rocky Bear!! He looks fab! ^.^
Congrats on your crafting 'reshuffle' and bargain sofa...you've done brilliantly! :0)
Your candy looks heavenly! I already 'stalk' you and I've added you to my sidebar...Happy Birthday xx

scotspanda said...

awww doesn't rocky bear look at home there!! Gypsy does the same here, in fact she lies right under my chair and I have to make sure I get her to move before I get up for anything lol

well done on getting your stash reorganised!

great blog candy too hun, I'll pop you on my candy box ;o)

take care hun


Amanda xxx

Dawn said...

Hi Linda

Wowee that is some fine candy there!!
And Rocky Bear is just adorable, pets just change our lives so much..

Will add you to my Candy Box!!


Donna said...

Wow well done Linda and there's still space for Rockie Bear too...Happy Birthday for Saturday :) Donna x

Anonymous said...

Hi hun, thank you for letting me know about your candy. I have linked & as you know I am already a follower.

Loving Rocky Bear how cute is he!! We really do turn our lives upside down for dogs dont we!!

Can I just say HOLY MOLY how much stuff have you got? How on earth did you manage to condense it? Lol!!

I'm squished in a corner in the frontroom at the moment till hubby builds me my space in his workshop. I thought I had a lot of stash till I saw yours!!

Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary. 21 again, doesnt time fly lol!!
Hugs Helen x

Kristine B. said...

Happy Birthday Linda!! :) I'm so sorry I haven't been visiting very often :( - I do WISH I had more time to blurf but it seems those days are quickly vanishing--but hopefully not for good!! Being on DT's definately has it's advantages, but it means less blurf time for me anyway.

WOW...what a GORGEOUS conservatory you have Linda!! It looks like you have a mini craft store right there!!! :) It's so bright and fresh and clean. I'd give my right arm to come visit and stamp with you in there! Rocky is soo sweet to keep you company while you craft :) Have a lovely day, and OH, please send me your snail addy---I want to send you a b-day greeting in the mail! THANKS!!

Jodi said...

Happy early Birthday Linda!! I love that you are making room for your cute doggie!! He is just adorable and yes, they really do bring lots of joy to our lives!!
Jodi =)

Angelo said...

Rocky bear is so sweet! I do understand how much time a puppy takes and how much you can love a dog. Having two dogs I could gladly have more :)

Your blog candy looks terrific! Who can resist laying their hands on any of the goodies you've put in there? Well, that person just can't be a true crafter!

Happy birthday, dear Linda!

Hugs, Kristin :)

Sandra said...

Hi Linda...well i came to check out what you've been up to since my last visit and that's been a while...sorry,you've made some gorgeous cards and i can see you've had a new addition to the family...pleased to hear he's settled in :0).
Lovely bargain from Ebay too.."Happy birthday" and you've got some gorgeous candy up for grabs...thank you for the chance of winning,
Take care
San x

PS...thank you for your kind comments you leave me they mean alot x

Maria Matter said...

You have a fab space for crafting Linda, all at arms reach! And to have your Bear with you must be delightful!!!
Happy Birthday and Happy Blogaversary! I gave your candy a little shout...... Joyful Stamper: Linda's a year old!
Have a super duper day!
take care
Blessings, Maria

Islander Girl said...

Oooh nice conservatory!!! Love your space and you really love your dog like I do..everythings done for my dog (^o^)

BTW, I'm jealous you live in Europe and I don't! LOL! Lucky lady!!!

Have a great day!

Lovely Linda said...

Wow - on so many counts - firstly - Happy Birthday to you - congrats on your Blogaversary and what an amazing Craft room you have - love the new furniture and WOW WOW WOW to our BLOG CANDY!!! I have become a follower and also linked your Candy to my BLOG:
I would love you to come and visit sometime...all the best with EVERYTHING YOU HAVE GOING ON!! Love the new challenge too!! God bless you!

Anonymous said...



-- dalis

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love your space and your sweet little pup. I have one who joins me each day in the studio and helps with the creations! Congrats on your first blog year and Happy Birthday! Blessings, Diane/Lost in the 60's/Planted In Joy

G W said...

Hi Linanna! I just recently found your blog and am totally loving your creations. Happy 21st birthday ;) It's good to be 21! Hope you get everything you wish for and more. Thanks for doing this amazing giveaway =) Keep up the great work and good luck with rocky bear lol.

Chrissy's Creations said...

I love your bright scrap space. Happy Blogoversary and Happy Birthday!!!

Andrea, said...

Wow Linda you have so much crafty stuff. Your Rocky Bear is gorgeous I bet you love spending your time with him. Good luck with the diet, have a great Wednesday

Kathy the Teawife said...

Hi Linda! You have lots to celebrate this month! First of all, here's wishing you a very happy birthday this Saturday :-). And, congrats on your upcoming blog anniversary; very cool! Also, I am so happy to hear that Rocky Bear is bringing such joy to your life. Your studio looks great, and you got a heck of a deal on that sofa! Thank you for offering such an amazing collection of blog candy. You are such a generous person -- of heart and soul! Love ya! Kathy

Monika said...

Happy birthday to you Linda :)

What a great candy, thanks for the opportunity to win :)
I have post a link to you on my sidebar.

Christine said...

Your pup is good at keeping you company!!! I'm in a space about like yours now and I'm out growing it and moving to another room. I hope it all works for you!


Stamping Seasons said...

Oh wow, look at your craft space.. its amazingly crowded with wonderful things!!! It would be like xmas day being in your craft room!!!

Tanc said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations on the blogoversary!
Your candy is great, thank you rof the chance to win it.

ella bella said...

wow Linda your craft space looks fabulous i love the new sofa. Rocky bear is so sweet and he already looks so at home.
Thank you for the chance to win your fabulous blog candy, i will go and put a link on my blog now.
Happy Birthday for Saturday
Tracy x

Anna said...

I have linked this sweet candy in my special Candy Club Blog!
U r welcome!!!

Lesley said...

oohhh my goodness huni...i cant believe how much crafting goodies that u have....i am sooo jealous...lol...and my hubby thought that i had a lot...wait til he sees this...lol...i wish i lived closer as u wouldn't get rid of me!!! hehehe....Happy Birthday for Saturday Huni!!! and ur Candy looks so scrummy!!! but little or rather big rocky bear is scrumptious!!! lol...luv n hugs Lesley xxx

Happy Crafter said...

Hi Linda, Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind comments, i would love to join your candy and happy birthday and blogoversary too you hope you have a great day:)
i am now following you and have linked your candy in my blog:)
Hugzz Val xxx

Jennifer said...

Hi Linda,
Wow what a craft stash! I wish I could be that organized. I love you new addition to the family, he looks so huggable!
I would love to be entered for your candy draw. I'm already a follower.
I hope you enjoy your birthday.
Jen x

MoooooN said...

Hello! What's a candy! I'm your Follower! Thanks for a chance to win!

NGCARDS said...


Jacilynn said...

Wow, super candy and love your space! Thanks for the chance to win!

Liza said...

Your condensed craft space looks fab, you should see the state of mine!!! Great candy, thanks for the chance to win.

Liza x

PS Happy birthday!

Annelies said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you'll have a wonderfull day! I'm a follower and here's my link . Thanks for a chance to win amazing candy! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Helena said...

Oh my, you had to rearrange your new craft space again! But it looks very much worth it for such a beautiful friend!

Congrats on your birthday- if you email me your address I will send you a card! Skutter8@hotmail.com

Sorry for not replying to your email yet. I've been unwell/low.

Love to Rocky Bear! (Great name!)

Anne said...

Hi Linda, well I popped in to say a huge Thank you to you for your lovely comments on my blog - you are always really generous with your feedback and it's very much appreciated!! Sending Birthday wishes your way, and Well Done on the Blogversary too!

BTW, your little Rocky Bear is juuuuust adorable!!! Here's to the next 12 months of the Blog, and I hope you realise how big those paws are going to get!! LOL!!

Hugs xxx

Elaine said...

Look at all that yummy stash! :)

Bear looks gorgeous! I'm not surprised you've fallen in love. :) Have fun with him!

Amanda said...

OMG, Bear is precious! Your blog candy is amazing too. Thanks for the chance to win!

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi hun, wow super blog candy, will advertise it on my blog. Am an avid followers as you know, so I will keep everything crossed even though I never win anything, lol! Your 'little' puppy is the cutest, pets are such a waste of time (nice of course) arn't they? Love and hugs for a super birthday dear friend, Heidi xx

Lisa said...

super candy thanks for the chance to win, I just became a follower you have a wonderful blog, rocky looks very relaxed

Cheri Howard said...

What an adorable dog! I'm sure Rocky Bear is as happy to be in your family as you are to have him - spoil 'im rotten! =D

Thanks for stopping by my blog to enter my candy - I'll enter yours, too! Have a wonderful day, and thanks for the chance!

rozzy said...

I love the piccies of your craft room and rocky bear of course :) he is gorgeous.
Pop over to my blog as there is something for you
hugs rozzy xx

Lara said...

Happy Birthday Linda!!!
I love your blog and your work!BRAVA!!!
thanks for the chance to win.
I put your link in my blog

Kiss lara

mueppi said...

At first I wish you happy birthday, Linda!
Your candy looks yummy!!!!!
Rocky does look as though he's been there forever
Thanks for the chance for win!
I put it on my sidebar!
I`m sorry, but my english is verry bad!!!!!!
Big hugs hun Gisela

Kirsten said...

You are so lucky to have such a great craft space...im still on the dining room table lol...
Your candy looks scrummy thanks for the chance to win hugs kirsten...x

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!! Can I come over to stamp with you?!!! Man!! Thanks for the chance at the luscious candy!! I will put you in the sidebar link of my blog!! :) Happy B-day to you!!!

Melissa said...

Wow Linda you did get a bargain with that gorgeous settee.Lovely and fits so well.You have a stunning dining setting too.Your craft space looks amazing.It is great to have everything at your fingertips hey!!! Love where RB lays , he is obviously very contented.
Happy Birthday for Saturday.Wishing you a day full of love and being thoroughly spoilt.take care

Claudia Rosa said...

og my gosh.. Linda... you have a craft space i could only dream about!!!
ohhh.. can i come play with you :-)
what a cute baby you have!!!

i am more than happy to tell on my blog about your candy sweetie.

LOUISE said...

Hi Linda, hope you are well. You craft area look very well organised! Mine looks like a bomb site! Happy Birthday for Saturday, hope you have a good one! Lots of love Lou x

Andrea aka Andy Scrap said...

Hi there, congrats with the '21 again' and the new addition to your family...his cute!!!
Hope your new fab space will give you fab inspiration, cause I like your work.

Lotza luv, Andrea

Sonia said...

Linda thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog, you are so encouraging. I love Rocky Bear he is a great looking dog and nice that he has found his forever family :) We have a rescue dog she has been spayed this week and is feeling a little sorry for herself.
Hugs Sonia xx
Ps- waffled on and forgot to say great candy you have on offer, have a lovely birthday.

Paula said...

Hi Linda Happy Birthday for Saturday i hope you have a great day. Thankyou so much for the chance to win you are very kind to offer up such fabulous Candy.Ive linked you on my blog and im already a follower. Thanks again.
Paula xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Linda! The candy is so sweet!!!
Thanks for a chance! I put a link on my sidebar.
Have a nice day!

Ksenia said...

Happy early birthday!!!May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams.
Thanks for yummy candy!

Revlongal said...

Hello, I found your blog from a link on the Pretty Pressings site and although I don't quite know what I've signed up for here I just had to create myself an account so that I could come and tell you how jealous of your lovely crafting space I am and that I am available for dogsitting for your gorgeous rotty :) Congratulations on your special celebrations !!

anni said...

Happy 21st Birthday again :) Love your craft space and the new addition to your family! Thanks for the chance to win such great blog candy!

Michelle Forrest aka transprntbutterfly said...

Happy birthday!
Love your new space and your dog is so cute!
Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful candy. I added you to my 'candy jar' and became a follower

chelemom said...

WOW! Your crafting space is fabulous!!!! What a cutie pie Rocky Bear is too!! Congrats on your new addition! Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy....oh! And happy birthday to you too!

retiredheather said...

what a gorgeous new addition who will never cease to entertain you and make you love him more. You have a dream of a craft room. I have mine inside our family room as well. I will be following you and have posted your candy on my sidebar. Wish me luck.

bumblebee creations said...

OHHHHH....wow!!!! I wish I had near as much crafting items as you do my dear!!! Your pup is adorable-though I thought he was going to be small by his name!! Your space is absolutely gorgeous and what a steal on that set you have shown!!! WOW! I'll be sending an email later-I hope! Hugs and smiles---Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Christina said...

Happy Burfday! I'm a new follower. Subscribed thru Google reader and can't wait to see more of your creations. Oh my, I am so jealous at all your paper crafting stuff! I wished I had that much in my house. lol!

Kristine said...

Happy Birthday!
Thanks for the chance to win!
I have posted about your blog candy HERE
Hugs from Kristine

Katherine said...

What a great space :) I love that you've fit so much in there but it doesn't look awkward. Your Rocky Bear is so cute! Looks like my Weezer... although Weez is a overgrown dachshund mixed with *something*, he has the same coloring. He likes to sleep right at my feet while I'm crafting. Thanks for the chance at such a cool giveaway! I'll post a link on my blog.

Heather said...

Great giveaway, great puppy, great scrapspace. I have become a follower and am posting this on a blog.

maledilla said...

Hi Linda ! Happy birthday ! What a great and fab craft room you have, I wish my craft corner would be as tidy as yours. Have a great day !


Janis said...

So glad I stumbled across your blog! What an adorable craft space and cute little puppy. And your candy is so delicious looking!

Anonymous said...

What a generous candy - I would love to win that!
I don´t have a blog, but thanks for the chance to win anyway..
/Tina F.

Ilona said...

I Linda yust a little note from me I've been zo bussy that I've not been often on blogspot.

Happy Birthday Linda and 21 again :D!!!!!

Whow what a great crafty room you have mine is not so big but I'm happy with it ;)

I don't have your adres anymore others I would send you a late birthday card I'm sorry but you still can e mail me your adres and then you still got the card.

on my blog you find my email adress ;)

Hugs Ilona

ps I adore your blogg candy

Jeni C Slack (^0^) said...

Linda, you have a really organized craft room! Wish mine looked like that. And Happy Birthday too!

I saw you had such a pretty card entry you had for the sugar bowl! I love the colors and the papers! I had fun playing the Sugar bowl as well.

I think you should definitely give it a try at Midnight Madness Sketch, your cards have beautiful color, and not to mention up to $500 prize they are giving, each week's entry is one more chance at the pot.
Please take a look, http://priscillastyles.blogspot.com
Best ~Jeni

raindropecho said...

I'm so jealous of the dog and the room! Anywho, such great goodies! I've become a follower and linked your candy on the sidebar of my blog here. Thanks for the chance to win!

wendy scrappings said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

And what a great candy!!! Thanks for a chance to win.


Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Hi Linda, your craft space looks great. Hope you have a great birthday and thanks for the chance of getting your candy, I'm already a follower and will put a link on my sidebar to it.

Chris x

Donna said...

Hi linda, eventually got around to visit I am going out shortly to (you know where) so I will e mail you tonight to tell you how it went. Fabulous candy Linda, wow, I couldn't miss out on entering for this now could I? lol. I want to come and hoke in your craft space lol, I could make plenty more room for you hun but not sure how I'm going to fit it all in my house. Happy Birthday for Saturday and hope you have an amazing day. Donna x

Andreja - kokos said...

Wow, awesome candy!!!
I have added your link on my blog in the sidebar!
Here is my blog.
Thanks for the chance to win!!!
Hugs, Andreja

inbar said...

happy birthday and thanks for the very nice candy!

Carol said...

I love your Rocky Bear!! What a doll. We do a lot for our family (pets) because we love them so much. Your area is very cool I love that your can have room for your crafts,sofa and eating area. Love the candy!!1

Mephisto said...

Oh my god, what a sweety!!!
We had a Rottweiler for years, too.
His Name was: Tyson. A very lovely Dog!!!

I have posted your Candy on the Sidebar on my


grammytuna said...

Love your room and your new baby...

Rialeen Kotze said...

Congrats on your birthday. Love your blog!

Claude said...

You new space looks great, and Rocky Bear is adorable!!
There's a link on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! What a wonderful craft area you have, so neat and organized. The puppy is darling ........ it is amazing how much a part of the family they become. Thanks for the chance to win the great candy.

Emma said...

Wow gorgeous candy and lovely pics of Rocky Bear.
Can I come and live with you, I NEED to play in your crafty space!! Lol
Happy birthday to you for tomorrow hunny.
Hugs Emma x x x

Cazzy said...

Hi Hunny, your house looks so tidy and stylish despite Rocky Bear!

I have put a piccy of some of your candy in my side bar, thanks for offering it.

Thanks for the gorgeous card you sent me to cheer me up too.

Happy Birthday - on the 27th?

Carol xx

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Linda, here’s wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow and also congratulations on your blog anniversary for the end of the month. I would love to be in with a chance of winning some blog candy for my cards I make solely to sell to raise funds for different charities and I’d put it to that use.

Give Rocky Bear a cuddle from me.

Here is a link to your blog candy

Best wishes

Kym xxx

Tracey said...

Wow! Fantastic candy Linda, you are soo generous. Wishing you a fantastic birthday for Saturday & a happy blogoversary for the end of the month.
I love your conservatory & I'm glad that Bear is giving you so much pleasure :o)
Talk later sweetie.
Big hugs

Anonymous said...



Kelly Schelske said...

Super fun candy Linda!!

What a handsome new addition to your family!!

Your crafting space looks awesome, great buys too!!

Hugs, Kelly

Jamee said...


Littleted62 said...

Wow, you may have condensed your craft space but it's so light and bright, it's lovely, and you're so organised with all your racks and boxes! Happy birthday, and thanks for offering a lovely batch of candy - I've added a link to the candy list on my blog sidebar for you. Nicki, xx.

SannaS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SannaS said...

Oh what a cutie your Rocky Bear is! Thanks for the chance! =)
Hugs, SannaS

Marcea said...

Hi there sweetie - I have loved reading this post and catching up with how your baby is doing! Great piccies hun, so nice you can all spend your evenings together. Hope you and the family (and rocky bear) have a brilliant weekend

Agus :) said...

Hi! lovely blog candy!! thanks for the chance to win :) Im going to link your blog right now!
Here is my blog.


Hi Linda - Love your Blog and (an the blog candy)!You have some lovely cards too. I have bcome a follower and will post your candy details on my blog.
Love, Sylvia xxx

strawberry fields said...

Wow, wow, wow! Linda I love your craft space and the conservatory is just gorgeous. It's nice to be able to imagine where you make your lovely creations! I'd be in there forever if it looked like that! The sofa is a great buy too...I'm sure Rocky Bear loves it!
I'd kind of given up entering blog candys until I saw this! I'll add it to my sidebar.
Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday hun and thanks for all your support
fiona xx

Jilli said...

Happy Birthday honey ... I'm such a slack blog buddy ... i just dont ever seem to have time to visit anyone just lately. I'm so envious of your gorgeous craft space and your beautiful Rocky Bear. My sister used to have a rottie some years ago, she was absolutely adorable and a treasure with the children, who used to climb over her, lie on her and do all manner of things to her with no repercussions at all. She was one of the best dogs ever! Anyhow ... lol ... your candy is fab ... you're linked on my blog sidebar. Thanks for the chance of winning. Jillix

Birgit said...

Oh Linda, I have just visited your blog again after a long while! So you got a puppy - how cute is he!! Also thanks for sharing some pics of how you live, it looks very beautiful.
Oh, there's also a blog candy... Usually I'm not lucky with those, but will give it a try anyway :-).
Keep in touch... and Happy Birthday again!
Love, Birgit

Jill said...

wow Linda, can I come and live in your house lol, I love your craft space, Thanks for the chance to win some fabby candy hugs Jill xx

Donalda said...

Oh hon you have a wonderful room for all your crafting. How awesome dear and what a lovely new family member. You have uploaded such beautiful work again as always dear and I am still behind on blogging due to work hours and they tell us next month is even worse. Hope you had a wonderful birthday dear.

Anonymous said...

You must love Bear very much !
Happy Birthday and what a fab candy too.
linked you on my blog !
Kate x

Janet L. said...

What a great room, I'm jealous!! Thanks for the chance to win such awesome candy!

Mina said...

Happy Birthday to you...fab craft area and it dosent matter how untidy you think it is (although it defo looks tidy compared to mine) as long as you can find everything lol...fantastic candy Linda all that yummy stuff thanks so much for the chance to win...I have put a link on my candy bar xxx

amber.spb said...

what a beautiful candy... mmm...
thank you for a chance to win :)
http://amberspb.blogspot.com/ on the sidebar

Heike said...

Happy Birthday, the Blogcandy is wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win, i've linked you on my sidebar and i'm a follower.....


Gry-E. said...

A great candy.
I am impressed with your workarea even if you had to share it.
I have become a follower and have linked you to my blog.

Annie said...

Happy 21st birthday ---oh to be 21 again !

I was wowed by the pics of your craft room....my dream is to have a room where I can have all my stuff in one place.

Delicious blog candy that you are offering... fingers crossed.


Samara said...

OH wow!!! First of all, the candy is sooooo yumm-o!!!!

Second, I just LOVE your room!! Such wonderful things to play with! :)

Sue said...

Morning Linda,aww look at Rocky Bear he is so adorable and such lucky fella to have a good loving home :)

Well done on makign the most out of your craft space,it looks fab and you have everything to hand:)

Your birthday candy is amazing and you're always so generous.I have popped a link in my sidebar for you darl:)

Hope you enjoyed your birthday...well i know you did cos ya told me:)

speak soon


jcscraphappy said...

awwwwwwwww i just love rocky bear, and you did great getting your space condensed. the things we do for our furbabies :)
great blog candy. what fun it would be to win too.
happy birthday

Beth said...

Happy Birthday!! wish I had your scrap space!

Natalie "Fifi" said...

Hi Linda! Beautiful candy! I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy". http://fifishobby.blogspot.com
And I'm your Follower!
Thanks for a chance to win!

Hugs Fifi.

GryA said...

Nice scrapping space!...and a great candy.

It`s a link to you in my blog.

CraftyC said...

Congratulations on being 21 again Linda, bet you look good for your age LOL. Would love to be in with a chance to win your gorgeous candy and will link on my sidebar. Rocky looks a right character, hope he is settling well into his new home!

The twins mum said...

Hi Linda I want a Bear too! :(
Any ways count me in for you blog candy I have left a link on me side bar.
Have a super day

wendyp said...

Love your crafting space! So bright and sunny! Happy birthday!!

Кари Сол said...

Hi Linda,
Beautiful candy and good craft space. Thank for the chance to win.
I linked your candy on my sidebar and I'm a follower. Welcome to my blog.

Bubbles said...

Hi Linda, hope you had a wonderful birthday babe, your candy looks very yummy!
Wow what a fabulous large connservatory you have and a lovely crafting space, so tidy!

Joanne x

debra said...

Hi Linanna
Happy birthday you have some fantastic cards there, you carfty area looks amazing and full of lots of yummy craft stuff. Thanks for the chance to win some gorgeous candy.
hugs Debra

Jacilynn said...

super candy! you have a super blog! I've linked you and am a follower!
Thanks so much

Lorraine A said...

Fabulous candy Linda !! I would love to win this !! I'll post a pic link on my candy bar :-)

Fabby craft room and Rocky is just sooo cute !! :-)

Happy birthday Linda x x

Lorraine x x

Zoe xx said...

Helloo Linda hunny, well after all your nagging i have entered your candy!! I wish i had entered sooner now!! Look how many entries you have!!!! The bottom numbers never get picked LOL!!
Zoe x x

Fiorella said...

Conservatory is my life dream...I will never have one so I love looking at yours!
happy birthday from Italy

lindyloo said...

Hi linda from another linda lol wow what a fantastic craft space I take over the kitchen table and half the cupboards in there and i am over spilling onto the floor with all my stacker boxes When should i say if i clear the table away of all my craft and we get to sit at the table to eat a meal my kids jump up and down yer we get to eat a the table like a family lol naughty me eh

Oh how cute is rocky I have a iccle boarder terrier called 'max' he is only 9 months old and yep they bring so much love to the house
happy birthday
huggies lindyloo x

jackiescrafts said...

Hi Linda, thanks for the chance to win the fab blog candy, it's a great give away
I'm amazed how well you have condensed you crafty stash to accommodate Rocky Bear and give you space for a settee
I will add a post about your give away on my blog

Hugs Jackie x

gina g said...

Hi Linda Happy Birthday and blog anniversary Rocky Bear looks well and truly at home lol. I think you've done a great job with sorting your craft area. luv gina xx

joey said...

oh hunny I am in love with ROCKY BEAR :o) I want him lol, oh hes gorgeous, Your space looks just as gorgeous and so full of crafting goodies, amazing candy hunny thankyou so much for the chance. Joey.xxx

Jerusha said...

What wonderful candy! Your space looks amazing! i am jealous!!! :) Linked you to my blog!!

Julie Temple said...

OMG Rocky is ADORABLE!! I share my space with my boys ( chihuahuas ) too, so I can relate...LOL! Happy Birthday, too! I will link you, and thanks for the chance!


Ori said...

Hi Linda, I'm new here.
I've attached your blog candy to my candy bar on origena.blogspot.com
I'm following your blog now, hope to find some tutorials/tips/tricks here, since I'm new to this craft world.

Happy Birthday!!

Ps. Rocky Bear is beary beary cute!! I miss to have my own dog.

Chrissy said...

Hope you had a great birthday! Thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy. Thanks for sharing your pics of your craft place.......its fun to see other peoples craft areas and what toys and tools they have!

Torill said...

Hello! I would gladly join your candy:0) I've made a link at the candybox in my blog:0)
And I've become a follower!!

jennyv said...

Aloha Linda!Wow that's seems to be a lot of room esp. how you organize it, it really makes a difference. You still have plenty of room when you put everything in place and tidy. Rocky Bear is so cute and I'm sure he feels so loved to be part of a new family. Happy Birthday and thanks for the chance to win your blog candy.


Anne-marie said...

Happy birthday Wow you have a lot more craft space than me lol your candy looks great have added link to my side bar
Anne-marie x

sugar n spice said...

Put my comment in the wrong place, cracking candy Linda. you are now on my candy sidebar
Suzi xx

Tarida said...

Hi Linda,
what a very yummy candy and nice craft space. I've linked you on my blog and I'm a follower already.
Thank for the chance to win.

Denise said...

Great looking candy! I wish I could find someplace local for spellbinders! Thanks for a chance to win!

Denise W

Karine MB said...

Great Candy!!!!!
Thanks for the chance to win.
I'm follower too.
I've linked your candy on my blog sidebar.
Hugs from Brasil

Debbie said...

Belated birthday wishes Linda and thanks for the opportunity to win such fabulous candy again :)
I have linked your candy on my blog. Debbie x

craftydesignz said...

Yuor craft space is amazing, i only have a little corner in the front room, lol

Thanks for offereing a fab candy, i have linked to yuor blog



throuthehaze said...

cute pup and Happy Belated Bday!

Macpurp said...

OMG ! Rocky bear is a honey pie! he is so handsome!!!
I will post a link to your blog candy, you are a very generous person. good luck to all.
love tina x

sue said...

Happy Birthday Linda,
Thanks for the chance to win this awesome blog candy. Love your craft space.

Crafting Joanne said...

Happy blogoversary and birthday Linda, gorgeous candy thank you for the chance to win. Will add you to my sweet candy list.

Joanne x

Sharon said...

what great blog candy love your scraproom

Gina said...

A belated Happy Birthday Linda, I am so sorry I missed it :( I will add your gorgeous candy to my sidebar with a link and a pic
Hugs Gina xxx

Drea S. said...

Wow, what a great candy! Thanks for the chance to win it.
I just love your crafty room!
Oh, and I linked your candy on my sidebar ;o)

Drea S.

Spyder said...

Lovely Candy, Lovely crafty place, lovely Rocky Bear, have linked you to my sidebar (sorry its late, but I thought I'd done it waaaay back, and Happy Birthday too!!)


Net said...

I LOVE Rottweilers - they are such sweet dogs.

I'm afraid they'll always love the rubbish bin though - well ours did!

Joby said...


Hope it was a great birthday. Thanks for offering some gorgeous candy.
Then adding to the pleasure with pics of Rocky.
The settee is lovely cantt get over the price....amazing.
I am following now too.

Jodi said...

Hope you had a fabulous birthday! Your craft space looks great and I love all the windows! I've linked your giveaway on my blog. Thanks for the chance to win all these wonderful goodies :)

Marit Meijer. said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the chance to win this yummy candy!
Congrats on your b'day!!!
And what an amzing craft space you got there!
I've become a follower, linked you up on my sidebar and am now commenting... let's get this candy on the road... hopefully my way *LOL*

Hugs, Marit.

Suzy said...

Happy birthday!
Your dog is so cute!!!
And thanks for the chance to win this candy. I link it on my side bar.

Alyusha said...

Hi))) I am from Russia))) Great candy! I'm a follower and here's my link - http://alyushka.blogspot.com/2009/06/blog-post_24.html
Thanks for a chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda and happy birthday to you! Thanks for a chance to win this fabulous blog candy! I added the link with a picture in my sidebar and I'm a follower.
Fingers crossed

Alice said...

Hi from Italy. What a beautiful scrap room, so much space around you! And your dog is just adorable, so sweet! Happy B-day and thanks for a chance to win this fab candy, I've just put a link to my candybar and now I am a follower because your blog is very nice. see you,

Grace said...

Hi Hon! What a lovely redo on your craft space! I would never want to leave it! Thanks so much for the chance to win your yummy candy! I have linked it in my blog here:


Люба said...

Hi Linda! Beautiful candy! I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy". http://www.lyubashka.blogspot.com/
And I'm your Follower!
Thanks for a chance to win!

shinz @ cosycabin said...

ooh...your craft space is my dream! it's so great to have such a craft space! Happy birthday and thanks for the chance to win this fabulous candy!


Gosia said...

Hi Linda,
You have fab creations.Now I am your follower and would love to win this fab candy! I linked you on my blog! You have one fab crafty room,
Happy birthday ang greetings from Poland

Nikki said...

Wow Now that's a lovely spot for a crafting room. Have a Happy Birthday! I'll be having mine on Sunday :)
I've linked you on my sidebar and follow you too
thanks for the chance at your scrumtous candy
Nikki C

Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow Linda, this is fantastic blog candy and there are one seriously lucky winner waiting in the wings ... holding thumbs for every one taking a chance. Thanks for being so generous Linda. Love the new addition to the family which even has his own special sofa to bond with his new family. Hugs from Desire

Cheryl Walker said...

OMGosh Linda, I love the pictures of your craft room hun, and your new set is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your craft room hun!!!!!! Also love all the blog candy you are offering too!!!! thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures, and LOVE the puppy tooo:)

Have awonderful day!!!


sweetdesigninc said...

Oh I love your blog candy! I am so envious of your crafting room! I wish I had all that stuff in my crafting room lol. Thanks or the opportunity to win!

laure et pascal said...

Thanks for this blog candy
here's my link :

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Just stopping by to say hello Linda as I haven't been around recently. I've been away at camp all week with my kids so pretty exhausted. Glad to hear that Jasmine is having a great time on her trip. Sorry I missed your birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day despite you not liking birthdays. Rocky looks adorable and your craft space is amazing, even if it is condensed. Happy belated birthday wishes! Lots of hugs, Lainy xxx

rachel said...

lovely candy!!:)You have a beautiful room!!:)

greetings from Poland!:)

Kajsa said...

Ooooh, that's nice candy!

Linked! http://melen.se/?p=607
And I'll add you to my feedreader.

Best wishes from Sweden!

Anonymous said...


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