Friday, 12 September 2008


This award was given to me by the wonderful Jill a while ago but I have only just been able to download the award. (im not computer literate!!)

Pop over to Jills blog as she does amazing work, a very talented lady. I would like to pass this on to all my blogging friends but am only allowed to chose 5, so in no particular order I pass it on to

1. Maddy

2. Karin

3. Rosemary

4. Katy

5. Simone


Karin said...

Hi linda,

thank you for this great award.
You've made my day with it.
I'll post your name next to the other ladies who have given me the award.

Have a great weekend.
Very big hugs,
xoxo karin

maddy hill said...

Oh linda you sweetie !
thank you so much xxxx how nice of you ... i love your cards im not suprised you won the award !

thanks for awarded it to me xxx
love maddy

katy said...

HI Linda,

Thank you so much for this award, so lovely of you and always means alot to recieve them, enjoy your weekend xx

Simone P. said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks so much forthinking of little ol' me! You really made my day! Double Hugs for you!
Simone P.

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