Thursday, 11 September 2008

Birthday card/Happy Mail


I have had a more productive day than of late. I made this card for a special someone, can't say who other wise it wont be a surprise will it? The little turtle image is from isn't it adorable? I have coloured it in with aquarelle pencils with some crystal lacquer highlights. Quite a basic card but the mojo is slowly returning.

I also made a little something for a great blogging friend, but I will not post it here until she receives it, otherwise it wont be a surprise. We all love surprises after all dont we?


Now, as most of you will probably know, I have been not quite myself lately. Most of you will not be aware that Im going through some personal development therapy , so it's official, im a nutcase! I am having to learn to like myself for who I am, and I have to say this is not easy for me, but after a rollercoaster of a weekend, 3 sessions of therapy, and some very supportive friends both in person and through blogland, I am working my way through all the rubbish ive been carrying with me for years. I don't know if anyone else has been through a similar experience, but all I can say is it makes you realize that there are some really lovely people in the world, even those who don't know you can make all the difference with the odd word or gesture.

This morning I received this lovely little package in the post from Maya. Thank you Maya its simply adorable, and it really did cheer up my day and make me smile!! This lady is so talented I am totally in awe of her work. There is so much attention to detail, its unbelieveable.

I adore these Hanglar designs dont you? I can't wait to get some stamps when they finally arrive at Funkykits. This little insect design is one of my favourites!

I have to say if anyone who is passing by has a hard time of it for whatever reason please drop me a line, I am finding it so much help to share my feelings with others I think that in itself is therapy. Storing things inside does not achieve anything, storing up anger and resentment only hurts you and no one else. It is best to let go of all these feelings and if I can help anyone that will be therapy for me too. I hope this hasn't bored you all. Thanks for listening (so to speak!) Hugs Linda x


Dawny P said...

You're doing fine chicken, just fine xxxx You just keep on crafting - it's fabulous therapy I think. And there are sooo many nice people in Blogland. Hugs xxxxx

Chrissy said...

Hey, I think it really nice that someone was kind and sent you a lovely card, well done to her and I hope you continue to feel better ....XX

cats whiskers said...

Oh I love your little turtle card, it is just so sweet, and what a beautiful package to reveive what a talented lady she is. I have just spent quite a while on your blog you have some brilliant cards on her and I will be back. I can only repeat what Dawny has already said. There are some great people out there.
Hugs Jacqui xxx

Jill said...

aww Linda, what a gorgeous gift, filled with beautiful images, for a beautiful person, hope you're feeling better, I'm always here for you Jill x

Andrea, said...

Fabulous gift Linda, I bet you can't wait to start colouring the images and your turtle card is wonderful what a cute image. I hope you continue to feel better. Take care

Diane.W. said...

Aww Linda!!! Hope you continue to feel better.Talking about things really helps & there are plenty of people to listen!!!
Luv your cards/wallet & your pressie is fab,enjoy :o)x

Dawn said...

Beautiful , great idea.

Maya said...

You are a wonderful person,and wonderful persons deserve to get cards in the mail ;)

Big big hugs from Maya :)
Thank you soooo much for you`re kind words!

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