Friday, 9 January 2009


Well, its Friday again already, i am so sorry i have been somewhat neglecting my blog this week, but with good reason! I am moving from my craft room and into the conservatory. OMG this has been a learning curb for me. I have brought far too much!!!!!! no more papers for me, no matter what a bargain they might seem and no more cardstock. Umm ribbons, i don't think so, but maybe the odd rubber stamp as i do love my rubber.

Well ladies although i havn't had much time for crafting, these are some cards i made last weekend. This one is from the lovely funky kits , i love these images. The papers are from a RAK by Janina, thank you hunny, and im sending lots of hugs your way as i know you are very poorly. Ribbons are from my stash and the sentiment is from Anna-Marie designs.

Now this is a card using this weeks sketch on the birthday, x-mas card challenge and one of the very gorgeous downloads from Sally-Anns designs. Isn't it gorgeous?? You can't see from this picture put the cherry has been glittered and glazed, clearer by double clicking onto the image. Papers unknown, sorry!

Another one of the gorgeous images from Funky kits, this is glittered also but you will have to double click on the image to see it.

Finally a rubber romance card, im loving this rubber romance images and such a pleasure to colour in.

So ladies, where does all this crafting stuff come from, thats what i want to know, and how did i forget about that gorgeous pad that i couldn't live without last month??!??!? does this sound familiar to any of you?

Not only have i been preparing for my move, but we also have some new additions to the family. We have 3 chickens! yes, we havn't named that yet, just "here chick, chick!" at the moment. They are very good chickens, the first two days we had them and they laid 3 eggs! oh and they taste so yummy. We are having another 3 in February a breed called meringue, they're a dark grey/black colour, very pretty, and who knows might get some nice feathers from them too for my card making!!

Anyway here they are, familiarizing themselves with their new home. Excuse the mess of the garden, something else that needs some attention this year!!

So i thought i would show you where i have had to rehouse some of my crafting stash! This is in my built it double wardrobe upstairs in our bedroom! Had to get rid of the clothes, a good excuse to spring clean, as half of them have shrunk and don't fit me!! stop laughing, they have shrunk, nothing to do with the chocolates or pastries over christmas!!!!

This is a small space i used beside my other wardrobes, believe me, i have to utilize every bit of space available!!

This is my craft room as it stands now, this bookshelf needs to fit into my new bookcase coming next week. Somehow i don't think its going to fit!!

There is also this,

and this

and i also have my 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 pads in boxes in the hallway , sorry no photo, and some things already in the conservatory. I am at a bit of a standstill right now as i thought it best to wait till the bookcases come, so i can see how much will fit into it. Then it might be more storage boxes in the loft, i have already put 3 up there. This is totally ridiculous right????! but im sure im not the only one like this?!

Well ladies, with most of the sorting done, im going to try and get round to some of your blogs and get my dt cards done for this weeks challenges. I am so sorry if i havn't visited you lately, i will be rectifying that this weekend.

Anyone wanting any peel offs please email me and ill send you some, no charge.
Well im off big hugs to you all. Linda x


Anonymous said...

Wow Linda you have made some awesome cards...just love the rabbit did you find tme to make these AND move rooms?
You certainly have some wonderful crafting things to play with. I hope you like your new craft conservatory!
Have a nice weekend..think you're going to be busy! Thanks for all your sweet comments.
Carole x

Donalda said...

Wow girl those cards are just gorgeous dear.
I hear you on having to much. I am the same way and I know once you get your move done you will love it dear.

Alison said...

Linda your cards are gorgeous and that is some amount of stash you have but I too have the same problem no more papers for me I've been told however I did sneak in a wee download of papers 10 mins ago lol, shhhh don't tell. Have a lovely weekend Linda.

Jill said...

gorgeous card Linda, you've inspired me to have a go with your sketch. Wow I love the pictures of you craft stuff can I come and live in your house??? hugs Jill x

Lynsey said...

Hi Linda
Your cards are all beautiful! Looks like u will be busy with your craft move! Hope it goes well.
Hugs Lynsey;)

Diane.W. said...

Gorgeous cards,luv the rabbit!!!
The chickens are fab,but really have a phobia of feathers,eugh!!!
Your stash is ENORMOUS!!!! :o)x

Riet said...

wowwww Linda what a beautiful cards

heel mooi.

hugs Riet.xx

Sue said...

Hi linda,well BIG wows for your cards they are stunning, i love em all :)

Ya did make me snmile when i saw hte amount of craft stash you have, will hae to show DH later might make him go a bit easier on me

I love your chickens,my brother has some and my kids named theirs after the spice girls,ginger,sporty etc BUT you could name yours after the chickens in ' The Chicken Run Film'i'm sure Jasmine would be able to tell you all their names :-)


Macpurp said...

good luck with the move.
beautiful cards
love tina x

Heather "Hev" said...

Beautiful cards as always Linda :)

I have loads of craft stuff too!! I could probably match your stuff!!

Crafting in the conservatory sounds wonderful - all the light will be fabulous :)

Take care of yourself!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

Gorgeous cards Linda, I love them all, great images and the papers are fab.
I am suprised you had time to make cards with all that stuff to move...think we are all guilty of having far too much!
Love your chickens we used to have some years back, but then we moved closer to town :( but I am still a country girl at heart!
Have a great weekend! Debbie x

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Stunning card Linda. I especially love the rubber romance one and the soft centres one. Your craft space looks amazing, I wish I had a room to keep all of my craft stuff. Good luck with the rest of the move. Lainy x

Moni said...

Waw gorgeous card you made! And your crafty room is so big,waw! Hugs, Moni

Emma said...

All I can say is...Blimey what a ton of stuff! I thought I had a lot, no wonder its taking you so long!!!
All gorgeous cards...
Emma x

bumblebee creations said...

WOW!!!! Linda!!!! Hunny you weren't a kidding when you said you had lots!! I can't even imagine what heavenly things are in all those boxes!!! I ditto the gal who said something about showing her hubby those photos later!! I thought I had lots to move around for my redecorating-but mine I see is piddly!! I am so very jealous of you!! : ) Your cards are totally wonderful as usual! Thanks for showing us hun, reminds me that when I complain about all the time working-maybe I can look forward to having all those wonderful things someday like you do!!! : ) (cuz i might be able to afford it if i keep working all these hours!)

Chris said...

ROFL, OMG Linda you must be crafting for Britain in there! I feel quite restrained now with my one Ikea shelf unit tee hee! Hope you get it all sorted and then settled in your conservatory which looks like a great space to work in, so light and airy. Your cards are all fabulous, such gorgeous stamps, colouring and papers, I love them all. The chickens are amazing, I've always wanted to have some, a country girl at heart here too. Have a great weekend. Chris x

Deb said...

Linda! You have a whole shop! That looks like a lot of work but I am sure it will be well worth it once it is all where it is meant to be. It will be fabulous crafting in the conservatory with all that natural light!

Your cards are stunning as always, so love the detail you put into each one!

Have a great weekend!

Julia said...

Oh my goodness Linda, you have sooo much stash!! You could open up your own craft shop - I'm only jealous!! Beauitiful cards too, hope the move goes well! x

Suzanne J Dean said...

Oh, that bunny is too cute & the dp is fabby! You do have alot of things, but so do I and I'm still buying more, LOL! I put myself on a dp ban, but it didn't work :o)

love all the creations--

Eija said...

Just laughing when reading this :) So familiar. Nice chickens!

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Such beautiful cards, my Jessie loves the cupcake one, she is cuppycake mad at the moment. I do hope you are well hun, miss our chatty emails. Will try AGAIN over the weekend, have a good one and take care, love and hugs Heidix

jenny said...

Gorgeous cards Linda, I love them all!
WOW you have a serious amount of craft stuff!! Dont you just LOVE it :0)
You can never have enough x


Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Linda, Fabulous cards I am in awe. Love all the images and papers you have used they are gorgeous. OMG how much stuff have you got, you could open your own shop I though I had loads but it just pales into comparission to yours. You are so lucky!!!!.
Lyndsey xx

Crafting Joanne said...

They are all gorgeous cards Linda. Wow you have some wonderful and an amazing amount of crafting stash. Good luck with your craft room move, I bet it'll be lovely when done. Joanne x

Marcea said...

Gorgeous cards hun, I have missed you ..... now I know where you have been - amidst paper, paper and more paper. Girl you are far far worse than me, lol, but hey, it isnt our fault - why do they keep making so much wonderful stuff. Hope the reast of your craft move goes smoothly

Sandra said...

WOW Linda...these cards are gorgeous,love them all.
Well what we like....i've got the same sort of problem...too much stash,not enough seem's every crafters,
Have a lovely weekend
Take care
Sandra x

Jilly said...

Stunning cards Linda as usual. I love all the images. I really need to build up my stamps so that i can have a change of images lol. Wow haven't you got a lot of stuff. If ever you decide to get rid of any you can always throw some my way lol.
I did send you an email to the addy you sent me. Just wondered if you have received it.
Have fun in your new craft space. You are so lucky

Rach said...

love the cards Linda, they are wonderful. don't envy you the crafty move but you will love it once you are settled..hugs rachxx

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Some gorgeous cards you made last weekend Linda.. Wow you have some craft stuff.. mind you I think I have done quite well in a year too. I'm so jealous that you have a craft room. I tend to do all my colouring sitting in the conservatory as it's so nice and bright. Have a great weekend and I hope your new little friends continue to lay eggs, Hugs, Nikki x

Bev said...

Linda all the cards are amazing honey - where on earth did you find the time to squeeze in these beauties with all you have on at the mo!! Wonder Woman springs to mind!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend sweetie, and don't work too hard hey?

hugs Bev x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cards, love the Rubber Romance one especially. OMG, Linda, you weren't joking about your stash- it's ginormous!! Good luck with the move, and don't work too hard this weekend, hun! Lovely chickens, btw!
Maria xx

Happy Crafter said...

Gorgeous cards Linda and are you sure you dont live in a craft shop lol with all that stash it sure looks like it he he :)
Love your chickens i bet the eggs were really yummy :)
Val xxx

The twins mum said...

Wow i'm speechless. I thought I had a lot of "can't live withouts" I even went and got my hubby to prove I don't have that much. Now I think he believes me. Thanks Linda he might back off a bit
Enjoy your new room
OH and your cards are lovely you have been a busy bee haven't you!

Jeanette said...

Between moving that GINORMOUS stash and getting new chickens, how did you find the time to make all those gorgeous cards? LOL! They are really lovely and boy do I envy you your stash! Hugs Jeanette

Maria Matter said...

Wow, Linda, you had alot of catching up to do, huh?
Well, your cards are gorgeous...the JCBC with that cupcake is wonderful...lovin' that paper. And I really like the rubber romance image too...fabulous!
Glad to hear you have chickens...we always had chickens until we had new neighbors and their dog was determined to eat chicken!!! It's great to have your own egg supply isn't it...makes you feel pioneer-like!
Well, have fun sorting through all your stuff! Rediscovering great stash is like Christmastime all over again!
Blessings, Maria

Cheryl Walker said...

Hi Linda,
I wanted to stop by and say hello, and I love your blog,and all your cards are beautiful!!!! Wow you do have alot to move, just when I thought I had alot, and then I see all your stuff, and you do have alot to move :) goood luck with the move:)

have a wonderful weekend!!!


Jilli said...

OMG Linda! When you said you had lots of stash I didn't imagine you had that much .... its obscence lol! You could open your own craft shop with all that lol! I dont envy you one bit having to sort through and find somewhere to put that little lot. Anyhow, the cards are simply stunning!! Jillix

angeljakki said...

Wow, you've been busy that cupcake looks good enough to eat. I am so glad I am not the only stash aholic, I am still in the process of moving rooms. Chickens!! I would so love to keep them, can I move in with you, please!!

Maya said...

Ohhh Linda,you`re cards are amazing!!
Love them!
I have also got that stamp from FunkyKits and i adore her :)
And my craft room is also like that,or well i moved it and organized it in the christmas holidays,so i have a little larger playground now :)
Have a wonderful weekend,
hugs from Maya.

Steph said...

Wow, Linda! I thought I had alot of stuff! How exciting to be moving into a new space though. It's great to have a clear-out and tidy though, it makes you feel doubly inspired.
I did email you in the week- maybe it went in junk? Sorry, though, as I was having a really bad day that day. Dad has just had 4th day of radiotherapy and it's taking its toll but we are trying to stay positive. x

Kristine said...

I love your crafting space!
And the cards looks so good!
Love your work!
Have a nice weekend!

Love to Doodle! said...

Fab cards Linda - lovely to see you working at last - lol...xx

My, my - you have a whole craft shop there! I did have loads once but gave a lot to a local craft club - infact I gave them most of it....Now I buy things I need and am quite strict on is beginning to grow but still contained as organised chaos in one room!

Keep up the good work and have a fab weekend....xx

POPPET said...

I love these cards thay are gorgeous, i love the punched bits, hugs pops x x x

P.S. i have sent you an email x x x

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow Linda love your cards....
Those images are `beautiful`..
and `Wow` all that crafting stuff!!!!
Hope alls going well with the move!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)~X~

Anne's Cards said...

Great blog with gorgeous work!!

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Just wanted to say hi hun. Miss our little chats. Thanks so much for offering to stamp me up some Bella's, anytime will do, wl just be grateful to receive them. Thanks hun, hope your well, wow you have so much lovey craft bits. love and hugs Heidi xxx

Aija said...

Oh my Linda, I tought I had lots of crafting stuff but it is nothing compared to yours :)) I am laughing here...
And what a great cards you did also, so many different kind of creations!

Tracey said...

OMG girl I have no idea how you have managed to amass all that stuff lol, moving into the conservatory is going to be a mammoth task, good luck with that, the cards are all lovely as always, the decorative borders are a sweet addition and your colouring always so neat, hope you are having a lovely weekend and thanks for all the lovely comments you have left me this year, truly appreciated XXX

Wendy said...

Gorgeous cards, so pretty
Wendy x

torpenhow07 said...

Love these cards Linda, the chickens look cute too.

Good luck with moving your craft room.

Sarita said...

OMW-these cards are all just so stunning. I am also moving into a larger craft room, I just can't move for craft stash in my little room at the moment!
PS: I'm looking into having my images made into image downloads, but it may take a bit of time for technophobe like me, I'm working on it though!
Love Sarita xx

Cazzy said...

I love the cards and the pretty chooks, eggs already! What tidy stash you have, I hope it all fits in where you want it to.

As for the shrinking clothes, it is a well known phenomenon Linda dear.

Cazzy x

Dawn said...

Hi Linda
Whew stunning cards - I love M]the first and last ones especially!
Gorgeous images.
I thought I had tons of stash - my word Linda that is a mountain of stash - all looking yummy too!
I have a corner of my living room and that's it !


Anonymous said...

Just popping by to say Hi!
Thanks for your kind works Linda...have a happy day.
Carole x

~* Donna *~ said...

Thank you linda for the lovely comment on my blog.. the papers i used are the new Bittersweet - Basic Grey.
you just reminded me that i hadnt labeled it " basic Grey" thanks lol

Also ... your craft storage problems etc.
Your not alone!!!
i have spent all yesterday sorting mine out, its crazy but if you get the right storage for you it will work.
I got tons but these days its not working for me , as i want things more to hand, and not have to bend down ( because i put my back out too often LOL) So i brought cheap draw set from argos, its HUGE only 3 draws but boy what a difference.
I was currently using 11 super large coffee jars ( for all ribbon) which is now in 1 whole jar all neatly separated into " stampin up, NEW, and then everything else is loose so i have to dig in deep lol
But then i had 4 storage areas/cubes filled with all my blank cards, they now in 1 draw
i then had 3 boxes full of 8x8, 6x6, and the other sizes ( not my 12 x 12 they have a home already)
so in a day i managed to scale all the storage items i had from 17, now to just 3 draws!

I'm sure your be pleased once you finished the move about.

As for Peel offs , i found 2 draws full! didn't even know i had them still. so us crafters really are mostly all alike.

Michelle said...

Your cards are all gorgeous Lindo, my fave is the bear one - so cute and I love the colours. I hope your move is going ok x

Suzanne said...

Gosh Linda were to start well firstly some truly awesome cards here they are all beautiful, then the chicken they are beautiful and can see how they get there name and ohh fresh eggs you can't beat it!! no pun intended. Then there is the craft stash now I thought I was bad but hay you really do have lots of stash here hope it all works out well in the conservatory let us see some pics when you have finished. Gosh this comment is longer than some of my posts!!! Sue :o)

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Great great cards!!!! So pretty and lovely colouring! Oh my...what a lot os stash....again I am going to show hubbie so he realises how restrained I am!!! Hope your move goes well.

Judy x

Mina said...

stunning cards and I so love that floppy bunny and have had my eye on him for a tidy is your craft room, I want that room so much lol xxx

Annie said...

fabulous cards Linda, and wow what a lot of stash you have got! and you have chickens, I so wish we had room here as I grew up with hens and love them! hugs, annie x

Rleen said...

STUNNING cards as always, Love them all. Thank you sharing!

The chickens are so cute. It reminds me when I was in Philippines, I love giving them foods early in the morning and in the afternoon. That was fun!

WOW! That's a huge craft stuffs and all awesome :) Good luck with the move, hope you love your new craft room.


Kim said...

fabulous creations going on here, and what yummy stash you have....

Cassie said...

gorgeous card! i love how pretty she is - all your coloring!!

quick question on the last photo in this post --- it looks like on the right side there is somthing that you have stickers and what-not in....they look like they are raised up so that each row sits a little above the other? is that right? is it possible to order those from somewhere?

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