Thursday, 29 January 2009

Another award

This award was passed onto me by the lovely Tracey, thank you hunny. I have to link her to my blog and then list five things im addicted to.

So ladies here goes

1. Blogging

2. My children, bearded dragons, chickens and husband

3. My internet friends

4. My crafting

5. Hot chocolate and whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles optional!

I now have to pass it on to 5 others, so here goes

1. Karin
2. Amanda
3. Carol
4. Jo
5. Tracey

Sorry ladies!

1 comment:

Tasha said...

Hi there Linda, i'm sorry to hear youare having a rough time of it at the moment and i genuinely hope things start to look up for you. On a happier note its great that Jasmine is now feeling better, its always horid when childrn are ill and there isnt alot you can do.
Loving these cards especially the Hangler image - might have to go purchase some lol.
chin up
love tasha xx

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