Thursday, 15 January 2009

Moved at Last!

Thursday already, and not a single card made! I hope you are all having a good week. Its been cold here but at least there was no ice, and the morning school run at the beginning of the week was bearable! No accidents at least, so im happy!!! Actually managed to bribe (yes im afraid i have resorted to bribery) my eldest son to do the school run today and tomorrow. For a good reason, i wanted to have more time at home and finish my move!

Yes ladies, I have finally finished my move from craft room to conservatory! and i have to admit im very happy to be in here. It is much brighter and spacious, so hopefully i will be spending many a happy hour in here crafting. Took a few photos to show you around, for those who are interested.

This is looking from the top end of our conservatory.

My 12 x 12 paper pads and a selection of dies and stamps are easily accessible now. Hopefully that will mean i will get to use them more!!
More stamps and dies here. These were my childrens toy boxes which i have acquired! so far no one seems to have noticed!!

My beloved computer and compter desk and one of my new bookcases. The storage unit under the computer shelf was brought from the Range on Saturday, it fits here a treat and is full of all my ready made card stock, envelopes and white card ready for stamping up images. This bookshelf is full of A5 paper pads, stamps and ink pads.

My flowers are in jars on this little rack with my 6 x 6 paper pads and more flowers in the baskets beneath.

Finally more 12 x 12 papers (loose sheets), ribbons lace and brads etc.

So now with all my crafting items sorted, im hoping to actually get round to make a card!! This move has been very time consuming and a good learning code for me. I realize i have far too many papers, ribbons etc, and am not buying anymore till ive at least used a proportion of what i've got. I have had to put boxes into wardrobes, the loft and under the bed, as there was no way i could fit anymore in here.
Whilst going through the move i have at times neglected my blogging, i am sorry that i have not been to visit you all as regularly as i have previously.
My daughter's school has, since christmas got a new head teacher and class teacher. It has inevitably brought with it lots of changes. Jasmine has been given more homework, which i was expecting. The previous teacher was old school, and did not set homework on a regular basis she worked on the principal that the learning was done mostly at school, a view that i have to admit suits me and i believe to be true. Trying to get any of my children to do homework over the years has been a trial!!! one that i so often failed miserably! However as Jasmine does have more homework, i have decided i need to spend more time with her working through it and making sure she understands what she is working on. As a consequence of this i am going to have to spend less time on my beloved computer. So i will be limiting the time i get to blog, only posting at the weekend and once in the week. I will visit all the blogs i follow on a Friday and leave each one a comment. My emails will not be affected as i check these on a daily basis in the morning and afternoon. So should any one want to contact me please do so my email to
Those of you who email me know that my new years resolution was to cut back on my craft spending, well so far so good! i have only ordered the whiff of joy spring collection. I have managed to resist the sales, although believe me, it has been very hard. I have filled my basket on several occasions and then not proceeded through the checkout! on several occasions it has been a very close call, and my fingers have hovered over the pay now button! My second resolution was to be more organized this year. Well it hasn't started well, up till now i've still been doing my dt cards the night before they were due, but this afternoon ladies, i am actually going to sit and do my DT cards for the weekend. I hope you are all impressed. How long that will last i do not know.
Before christmas i joined the Papercraft community, unfortunately i've been too busy up to now to be very active, but in the short time i've been visiting, i have already met some wonderful new friends. If you havn't joined yet, its well worth considering.
I can not tell you how much joy blogging has brought into my life. I feel thankful to all those wonderful people who take the time to pop by and leave a comment. Also to all the friends i have made and who i email on a regular basis. You know who you are and i thank you so much for your friendship. I hope that 2009 will see these friendships continue and blossom. Well enough sentimental chat from me, wishing you all a wonderful afternoon. Hugs Linda x


Moni said...

Waw gorgeous crafty place you have got! Hugs, Moni

ella bella said...

WOW fabulous craft space and so organised !!! looks great :)
Tracy x

Crafting Joanne said...

WOW, what a wonderful new craft space, it looks amazing Linda. I bet it is going to be wonderful working in there.

My OH has said he'll help me redesign my craft room and build all new storage, so really excited about that and have so many design ideas here, ready and waiting for him to get back from his business trip later, hope he doesn't change his mind.

Joanne x

Cazzy said...

Wow Linda, your craft room is so elegant and pretty, and really organised unlike mine.

Cazzy x

Mar G said...

Oh Linda your conservatory/craft space looks amazing & so well organised!
I was sitting here saying 'Wow' at the all paper racks & stash you have :)
Well Done you in getting it all looking lovely.
Happy Crafting - Mar G x

joey said...

Hi Hun, gorgeous craft conservotary! i love it, love the kids shelfs you have "nicked" lol, fabulous thats something like i need for my stamps!, where did you get the 12x12 paper storage from?. love it that all your furniture is white too so bright and lovely! enjoy your new space hun. I fully understand the homework issue! syds has doubled since going back after christmas, luckily for me I can do history and art, not much of that comes home, daddy does the rest especially maths as I am just not that clever! lol. joey xxx

Macpurp said...

oh my goodness I love your new craft room ! Can I come and move in with you please? LOL
I use the spare room, and get narky if anyone wants to come to stay as it means i have to miss out on crafting and tidy it up!

hope you have many happy hours here, and here is to a better 2009 for you lots of love xxx

Heather "Hev" said...

Wow Linda what a gorgeous craft room - so bright and happy!!

Will miss you being on so much but I truly understand and will look forward to your posts when you do them :)

Will try and email soon - we know how slow I am at that!!

Hugs Heather

Love to Doodle! said...

Wow - what a lovely space to work in and what great light you'll have...looks fabulous....and my, what a lot of stash you have!....

Speak soon Linda....enjoy your new crafting will be a joy when you have your special time, I'm sure...xx

Anesha said...

Wow, I love your nice open and tidy crafting space. Can't wait to get mine organize once we move to the new house. Should have been this months but looks like it will be next month.
Enjoy you new space!!!

Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow, this is serious organisation on a big scale. You are sure going to have loads of creative hours in this most spacious crafting environment. Enjoy. Hugs from Desire

Chris said...

Oh Linda, a palace of delights! Well done on getting it all looking so beautiful and so organised. I'm sure you'll be whipping up even more wonderful cards now that you have everything to hand. I love your white bookcases with the ivy cut outs, did these come from the Range too? Wish we had one near here. Good luck with the homework thing, you're right to put your efforts in with Jasmine, the rewards will be reaped later and it really does make a difference to how they get on at school. Take care, Chris x

6 wacky women said...

Your craft room is awesome, Linda. You did a fab job of it.

Have a great day.
Karen x

Tanja said...

Oh Linda, is a wonderful! I love your room!

TFS! Hugs Tanja

Suzanne said...

Wow are you sure this is s craft space and not a shop!!! So many lovely goodies and so much space it looks gorgeous.Will be sorry not to see so much of you but your children are only young once.Look forward to more cards. Sue :o)

CraftyC said...

It looks fantastic Linda, bet your in your element right now. No mojo today but I did receive new stamps. Sorry not got back to you yet, seems to have been a busy week but will be in touch soon. Have fun!

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

I am so envious, but am soo glad that it is all sorted for you. It must be great to find all of your bits and pieces hun. I am so grateful to have met you via the blogging world, so are a true friend to me, no alterior motives or anything. Thanks and enjoy your little space, love and hugs Heidi xxxxxxx

Jilli said...

Awww I'm so jealous of your fantastic craft space and how well its organised and contained lol! How much stash do you have? Are you sure its your craft room and not the local craft store!

As for the homework ... I'm with you on that one, children go to school to learn, at home it should be family time and time to wind down from the day they've had. I think schools and the children themselves put too much pressure on them so they dont need parents adding to it. When are these kids meant to play and socialise?! Jillix

Jill said...

wow Linda, it looks wonderful and you have so many gorgeous papers to play with, enjoy your new room hugs Jill x

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

wow linda a fabby craft conservatory, love how organised it is, Oh how I wish mine was, but my new yrs resolution to get it tidied up(some hopes) Well you have inspired me to do a little more sorting all the best ju x

Annie said...

wow Linda, what a fabulous space you have to craft in and everything looking so organised - you put me to shame! I've been the same as you on the buying front too, although there is a craft fair coming up so I might be tempted then! hugs, annie x

Marcea said...

Hi there hun, wow, this was well worth the wait huh!!!! What a fab space you have now :o) Well done on resisting the sales, I know how you like to get more and more stash, lol. My new craft room should be underway in a couple of weeks - the chimney breast is being removed from the bedroom and loft so after decorating the bedroom my darling hubby is going to start on the loft for me :o)
Enjoy your new space hun and a huge pat on the back for getting your DT cards done today!!!!

Zoe xx said...

Wow Linda!! I would be lying if i said i was a little jealous!! I am sooo much!!! My craft space is still a huge pile in the corner of the loft. I will have to get it sorted, i hate not knowing where everything is only being able to make the simpler cards!!
Ooooh just think how lush it will be in the summer!!!
Take care my love and enjoy every moment you get,
Zoe x

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Oh no.. I can't stay here and look at your pictures any longer Linda.. I'm getting greener and greener.. he he.. I love your new space! Great organization, Hugs, Nikki x

ger76 said...

What a lush new space!!!! I lurve the fabby colourful stamp storge you have very funky :)
Hope you enjoy your new home xx

Tracey said...

Wow, wow, wow Linda it looks fab. I'm glad you are happy in your new crafty place though I find it impossible to believe that you wouldn't be it looks soo gorgeous. The children's storage for your stamps is an excellent idea & such lovely colours. Where did you get your 12x12 paper storage please? I'm desperate for some.

Have fun crafting in there :o)


torpenhow07 said...

Wow Linda your new craft space looks amazing, I bet you will have lots of fun crafting in there.

Deb said...

Your new crafting room is fantastic, can I come to play? such a beautiful place with so much scrumptious stash, you are better stocked than most shops I have been to! Hope you enjoy making your first card in your new space!

Becky said...

Oh my word Linda! What a beautiful house you have and your crafting space is wonderful hon, I wish I lived next door so I could come over and craft!! And Wow! I know what you mean about the papers now!! I think my stash isn't that bad now he he!!
Love Becky xx

Sue said...

Hi Linda,so pleased you got your move done and wow it all looks so fabby,it looks like a shop,if we visit ya will we pick a basket up on the way in...yeh i

Enjoy your new craft space darl and remember this blog is your litle bit of space for when you want to add anything about anything so just blog when it suits you,we will still always be here :)

BTW,keep that craft area nice and tidy:)

love and hugs


Cazzy said...

Hi again Linda, you will find something for you on my blog shortly.

Cazzy x

bubblegum said...

Oh my word Linda - what a beautiful craft room you have and soooo much stash - well done on making a great job of it. :) :)

Take care


Maria Matter said...

Linda, I'm so excited for you, this looks like such a great place to spend your days stamping!
I'm proud of you for not buying new stash! That shows great discipline! or is it self sacrifice? lol So glad we met in blogland!
Take care!
Blessings, Maria

bumblebee creations said...

O boy is this space totally amazing!! You have SO much room!! wow! You sure do have tons of stuff no wonder it took so long for you to move it all! I am so jealous! : )Take care!

The twins mum said...

Oh you are such a lucky duck wish I had a room like that. My carft things have taken over the meals area, for the time being.
Enjoy your room I hope it brings lots of inspiration

Rleen said...

WOW! Linda, your scrap space looks amazing and gorgeous! So neat and well organized I love everything! Wish I live next to you and come over everyday lol.... Of course I'm jealous. I have tiny craft space. Thank you for sharing!

Have a wonderful day.


Rach said...

wow Linda your new space looks word you have a lot of papers... I love the units that you got from the range they looks fabulous..enjoy your new craft space hun. hugs rachxx

Maya said...

What a wonderful new craft room you have gotten!!
Love it!!
Hugs from Maya :)

Angelo said...

Wow, you are one lucky lady having such a great room to enjoy your crafting. Let's hope you'll have time to actually be there as well!!

It really does take a lot of time to both craft and blog. But I just wouldn't have been without it. I love how I can meet a lot of great people out there in blog-land.

I appreciate that I have gotten to know you, Linda. I enjoy all your comments, and I love visiting your blog. You make a lot of beautiful cards/projects and I am looking forward to working with you over at JCBC.

I hope your day will be great. We have a really cold weather here today and I have a busy day ahead of me.

Hugs, Kristin :)

angeljakki said...

Wow what an awesome work area, your hubby must love you x x x

nessy said...

wow linda ~what a fab craft room you have ~unfortunately our conservatory gets so hot in the summer /and so cold in the winter ~or my "stuff " would have moved alittle further along our lounge. my "craft" move is over as well(well just alittle moving the bits and bobs into new boxes etc)~now get used to the new spot in the house!! ~lets hope we can both get down to some crafting now!!:~)
vanessa xx

POPPET said...

wow looks all clear to me, you should be able to find things easier, i made a pact when i did mine that i would always put it back where i got it from lol lasted all of 2 days!!!

Hugs Pops x x x

P.S thank you for my email i will reply to you shortly x x x

Karen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen said...

for you

Andrea, said...

Oh wow Linda you have so much crafty stuff you lucky lady! Your crafting space is fantastic and all so neat and tidy, I'm sure you will love working in there.
I know what you mean about homework, I don't think they should be set homework from primary school, they are too young and need time to chill out.

Michele said...

Wow! Your new craft space looks great, so bright and well organised. I bet it will be great to craft in.
You have some lovely craft 'stuff' too. Enjoy your new craft space.
Michele x

Mel said...

Linda I've really enjoyed looking at your new craft room, it looks fab ~ Mel

Riet said...

Hi Linda,
What a beautiful place. I'm dreaming of it. Beautiful stuff and colors, amazing!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Your cards are amazing.



Debbie said...

Oh wow Linda your new crafting space looks amazing and so organised, no wonder it took you so long to organise....but the time and effort had certainly paid off and now you have a beautiful space to start crafting again.
Have a great weekend. Debbie x

Anonymous said...

Ooooo that all looks so fab Linda, can I come and craft??? lol
I love those cabinets from the range.. seen them too.. but I just don't have the space :)

Have a fab weekend hun,

Hugs, Marlene x
p.s. can you email me your adres? I would love to send you a card but you never put a return addy on yours [i've]

Anonymous said...

LOVE your craft space. I am definately jealous.. I organize my stuff every once in a while and then once I make anything it is a disaster!

alina said...

Hello Linda, it was nice to ''see'' you back on my blog!
What a wonderful room you have got, I need to do the same, because my craft space is a mess already! I need some cabinets and shelfs, so I hope to have a place like this shortly!
Have a nice weekend!
Hugs, Alina

Paula said...

Well I'm sitting here surrounded by the mess i made last night while crafting.... will take me 2 minutes to put it away in my cupboard (singular!) how jealous am I???
Looks superb Linda... will be a fab space to work!!
Paula xx

Jules said...

wow wow wow that room is just amazing!

gina g said...

Wow what a FAB craft room its amazing. gina xx

Paula said...

Oh wow Linda your crafty place look's Amazing im soooo jelous but in a good way lol. I have my own little room but it's pityful compared to your's i so need storage and much more crafting product's but the purse string's wont let me so i just have to dream lol. Thankyou for the lovely comment's you have left on my blog. I think all your card's are Stunning.
Paula xxxx

Dawn said...

Lindaaaaa!! It is crafty heaven - it looks like a shop and look at all your racks with card and paper - Oh wow!!!


Supermum said...'s like having your very own shop! What a fab crafting place!!
Happy New Year, sorry I've not been around much...too much to do....too little time to do it in!
Sue. x

Natalie said...

What a beautiful craft space, and so tidy, I would be in there all the time. x

Anonymous said...

Wowzers Linda, that's one amazing craft room. Looks like you're going to have a lot of fun and good times in there LOL!
Great organisation too!
Carole x

Donna said...

Wow Linda, when can I come and play? lol! Your crafting space is fantastic, lucky you :) Donna x

Helena said...

WOW I am soooo JEALOUS!!!!! Fantastic space!!!

Cheryl Walker said...

OMGOSH Linda your craft space is Beautiful!!!! I love it, and its very organised tooo. WOW, im still in shock, just when I tought I had alot of stuff, I think you have alot of suff as well....LOL
I just need to get more organised. I have a mess going on, and then a ton of cards. Anyways Iknow you will enjoy that beautiful new space. Have fun Hun!!!


Tab said...

Oh my! What a beautiful craft space you have, its like a crafty paradise! Your stash looks fabulous, you could almost open up your conservatory as a shop LOL! Here's to lots of fabby card creations in you beautiful new crafty haven.
Hugs Tab xxx

Tab said...

Oh my! What a beautiful craft space you have, its like a crafty paradise! Your stash looks fabulous, you could almost open up your conservatory as a shop LOL! Here's to lots of fabby card creations in you beautiful new crafty haven.
Hugs Tab xxx

Tab said...

Oh my! What a beautiful craft space you have, its like a crafty paradise! Your stash looks fabulous, you could almost open up your conservatory as a shop LOL! Here's to lots of fabby card creations in you beautiful new crafty haven.
Hugs Tab xxx

Turid Mari said...

Your craftroom is just amazing!! So tidy and everything has its perfect place!! Your 12x12 paper storage looks great! :D

Thank you for sharing! :D

Scrapmumur said...

WOW....Absolutely gorgeous place crafty and great organised.
I love look.
Hugs, Mumur

Anonymous said...

My gosh linda, i envy you!! such a stunning place to be! i would be in heaven! xxx

Sarah said...

WOW!!! That is some serious craft stash you have their Linda!! It's almost like your own craft shop! I thought I had a lot of stuff when I was sorting through my little area, but that's nothing compared to yours!
Thanks for the lovely comment on my card. It's good to be back! Re: my copics, my lovely husband brought them all for me when my dad & mum was ill, but I'm only just getting the chance to use them now.
Enjoy your Elzybells stamps when they arrive!
xx :0)

Gry-Heidi said...

WOW, what a wonderful craft space you have got Linda !! I love it :)

Hugs, Gry-Heidi

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

What an amzing room. Hope you enjoy playing in it. you are right to put your priorities into time with your kids. It is too easy to while away the hours on the computer!!
Judy x

Happy Crafter said...

Wowee your craft space is amazing i would be tempted to live in there 24/7 lol
here's to many happy hours crafting
in your wonderful conservatory :)
Hugz Val xxx

Anonymous said...

I think you'll be able to accomplish everything you decided to do this year. I am impressed at how beautiful your room looks like. Hope you got my package.

And if you would like, you can always schedule your posts so people don't see everything in one day and have something to come back to every day. lol.

Amy said...

Wow... your room looks so organised and pretty!

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