Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Elizabeths Blog Candy and some Treasured Memories/More Blog Candy

Whilst on my blog hop this morning i came across Nilla's fabulous blog. Oh my what a lovely array of cards she has on show. You must go and take a look for yourself. Nilla is also offering some lovely blog candy to one lucky follower. This is open till the 25th May so you have some time yet. Go visit her here you wont be disappointed.

The ever talented Elizabeth has some fabulous blog candy up for grabs, this is open till the 24th May, so go here and take a look for yourself. I feel sure you will all want to win these lovely stamps!

To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize you have to recall a childhood memory. Wow, i can not believe what i thought of. Its something i had almost forgotten, or have maybe pushed to the back of my mind for reasons im not sure. But this memory brought with it a wave of emotions that i was un prepared for. The memory itself was times spent at my nanas when i was young. I used to stay there alot, my nana lived with her older brother George. He was nicknamed Grumpy Uncle George, not sure why because to me he never seemed grumpy. He was a big rotund man with no hair except a few strands on the side which he isisted on spreading over to the other side of his head! I actually don't remember too much except we used to sit outside in the over grown garden. The garden was a wild overgrown garden with a natural split level. We used to sit on the hill and just watch the long grass blowing in the wind. I can't remember actually speaking but just sitting. I also remember the lilac tree at the bottom of the garden in a little corner. I loved the lilac tree, i remember thinking how pretty it was and the lovely smell of the blossoms. Why were these such special moments? i dont know, but obviously they were to me. I have buried them for a long time, and i don't know why. Don't know why ive remembered them either, except maybe its because of the Paul McKenna books ive started reading. Im going to read a bit further and see what else comes up. Bet you all think ive gone mad!! not sure you wouldn't be right!

Well my lovelies, im off got some more reading to do and a DT card to make.

Have a lovely day, big hugs Linda x


Nilla said...

Thanks for linking and your kind words! See you around! hugs Nilla

Bubbles said...

Hi Linda, thanks for letting us know about these fab candies.
Nice reading your childhood memory, sounds like lovely times spent in that garden, I also love lilac trees they are so pretty!
Hope you are keeping well, you have been making some gorgeous cards as always.
Joanne x

Tasha said...

Hey Linda, its weird how memories supress themselves isnt it! Sounds like an awesoem memory though - one to recall on time and time again.
love tasha xx

Lesley said...

hi huni u have been making some gorgeous cards and ur memory sounds fab!!! luv n hugs lesley xxxx

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