Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Talented Friends

I received these beautiful cards over the weekend. The one on the left was a belated birthday card from my wonderful friend Anita who is a member of the birthday card swap club. The middle card was from the lovely Ilona this was my swap partner this week, isn't this girl soooo cute? and finally this beautiful Tilda card from the wonderful Andrea . Thank you ladies, you are all so very talented. Hugs to you all.

Isn't this a beautiful card/gift wallet? I received this from Karin yesterday along with the addresses of this months birthday ladies . I just adore this beautiful wallet, what beautiful colours, one of my favourite colour combinations ever! Thank you Karin, you are so generous, I loved the stamped images you included.


NATALIE said...

wow very pretty, I would love to get these through my door!

karin xoxo said...

Hi Linda,

i'm glad you like the card.
And it great to get so much happy mail.
i love the things you've created the last days.

xoxo Karin

Monica said...

Lucky Girl! What beautiful cards you received! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed looking at yours!

Macpurp said...

what lovely cards!
i love the wee stand you have to photograph them on.


Je@net said...

Wow, lucky you!! The cards are beautiful!
Thanks for your nice words on my blog!

Vicki May said...

Hi Linda, just thought I'd add a thank you for my lovely card(s) and all those great stamped images. Can't thank you enough. Can't wait to see what in the other envelopes have a great holiday, will miss you while your gone hugs Vicki x