Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Weather Blues

Morning all, well another miserable gloomy day ahead! Am I the only one who is fed up with our weather? I am convinced I suffer from the condition SAD, my mood completely changes when there is a bit of sunshine. Would be great to hear if there is anyone else who suffers the same as me. I'm not feeling too bad at the moment, but it can get me quite down if it drags on. It makes me feel reclusive, and I tend not to want to leave the house. David always says I should have been a tortoise or hedgehog and sleep through the winter. Doesn't sound that unattractive to me I have to say! lol.

For those of you who are interested this has been my week so far.

Saturday we went to a tourist attraction called Tropical Wings World of Wildlife. It was in South Woodham Ferrers in Essex, so if you are ever that way its definitely worth a visit. Beautiful butterflies, birds and various other animals including hubbys favourite - otters. I adored the wallabies and Jasmine preferred the chipmunks. We watched a bird show with a difference, not your normal birds of prey but a varied selection including the raven, a truly magnificent bird. I have to admit im not a bird lover, but my dear hubby is, so when he wanted to watch yet another bird show I could feel my heart sink! Of course I agreed, after all he does take me to my favourite craft shops, which obviously don't interest him at all! Well, what can I say it was marvellous, much more entertaining (down to those demonstrating I think) and educational that I could have ever imagined. As I said we saw unusual birds, so much so that I can't even remember what they were called! Okay, your right, it may not be that the names are unusual, but more to the point, my memory is terrible, worsened from the day I hit 40, im sure! I lost my phone twice yesterday, after finding it the first time, I put it somewhere SAFE only not to be able to find it hours later!!! I searched the house high and low, then gave up and went to bed. Hubby raised his eyebrows in that usual 'not again' expression and then went on his own mission. Minutes later he returned, phone in hand, found on the window sill, that I HAD previously looked on, but DID NOT see it! Tell me, is there any hope for me?!!!

Now, see what I mean, I forgot what I was saying, oh yes, back to the wildlife centre. It also had some reptiles and your usual pets corner, huge tortoise, lemurs and meerkat. We are going back later on in the year and taking Ben with us. He has wanted to be able to feed the monkeys, but we have been unable to find anywhere that would do this, whilst it is possible in our local Colchester Zoo, you have to be 15 years old, and alas he is only 11. But, here you can do it at 12 so thats not so long to wait. We decided not to tell him yet, as he has only just turned 11 so he still has a little wait, and he unfortunately has my lack of patience! We took a picnic with us, its our first this year, I adore picnics, do you? We were there about 4 and a half hours, but im sure you could drag it out a little longer.

Sunday I spent the day, attempting to make costumes for the schools pilgramage!! Did manage to do a couple of cards, so I went to bed happy!

Monday night Jasmine had me up all evening with toothache. Have an appointement tomorrow at 9.30.

So now its Wednesday, have to take my sons girlfriend to the doctors this morning, buy some knitting needles, and look at the Poppicrafts website as they are apparently having a sale!

Hope you havn't fallen asleep, and until next time, happy crafting!


Debbie said...

Hi Linda, this is my first visit to your blog. I love all of your beautiful creations. I am suprised you find the time to get creative you sound like a very busy lady. I too home educate my youngest son...but I find that crafting is my me time. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.

Debbie x

Emma said...

Hello you! I think it should be all of us saying a huge thank you to you for all the friendship you share out with us! Sounds like you are having a really busy time but I would like to say well done for winning the ABC deserve it! Big hugs to you. Emma.x

Andrea, said...

Sounds like you have been having a really busy time Linda. I agree about this awful weather, i can't wait for some more sunshine

Vicki May said...

Hi Linda, you sound like me, always busy with something. Seems like you had a wonderful time at tropical wings. No good for me I hate flying birds, they really scare me lol. I have a budgie at home, but he only comes out of his cage when I'm out. Not sure what will happen now we have a new kitten.
I love your cards, I love the colours you use, the red and black one I especially like.
x Vicki x

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