Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Another Card - An Award - and an Update of my Bad Start to 2010

Its Wednesday ladies, another week almost over!! well i have another card to show you as promised. Made from some of the new Papermania Capsule Collection papers in Blue. These papers are just gorgeous, i love all the colourways and a bargain at just £2.99 for an A5 pack.

One of my favourite sugar nellie stamps coloured with pro markers and again my Martha Steward deep daisy punch (i adore it!).

So ladies what a week ive had so far. As you know 2009 was horrendous but i had high hopes for 2010. However these were dashed pretty quickly.

Before christmas my son had an accident in his car, nothing serious but was his fault, he was given a choice of an advanced driving course or to take his luck in court. We decided to go for the advanced driving course, firstly to save him getting points on his license and also though the advanced driving could only be of benefit. This course cost us little short of £200 and should have taken place Monday morning. My son is not good under pressure and we thought it would be a nightmare getting him there, but to our surprise and relief he got himself up and on his way, in what we thought was plenty of time. We got a phone call shortly after he left saying he had only got down the road just past the carriageway exit and caught up in a traffic jam. There had been an accident, hubby phoned the centre to say he might be late, to which they informed us that would be okay. Son arrives at centre an hour late to be told he couldn't do the course as he was so late!!!!!!!!!!!! they said they had to inform the police he hadn't turned up and they would then send the paperwork of the accident straight to the court ------ aaaaagggggghhhhHH!!!!! anyway my son explained he had been caught up in traffic to which they replied everyone else got here. Son explains we had phoned and they said it would be okay, eventually he had to give them his postcode and they obviously went to check out his story and came back and said they would phone the police, explain the situation and try and re-arrange the course. Thankfully they believed him and today he got his new date. One problem solved.

Then yesterday night son's foot slips off the brake pedal outside the house and hits the front door wall of the house!!!!! OMGGGGGGG!!!!! the builder came out today has had to put a steel joist in to stop the roof falling in!!!! and the wall has to be taken down and completely rebuilt. Can things possibly get worse? we are not sure yet if the house insurance will pay out, or if we will have to claim on sons car insurance. We still have the ongoing claim from the accident he had before christmas! s0 if i seem a little stressed and low, you will understand why.

Now ive bored you all to death, moaning yet again! onto something a little brighter!


Thank you to my lovely friend Helen for the award below. You are a sweetheart - thank you.

With awards come rules, i have to:-

List 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, and tag 3 bloggers that brighten your day.

Ten things that make me happy, uuuummmmm let me think, not easy to think of happy things when im feeling a little low, but here goes:-

1. My family make me happy, i love my children and husband to bits
2. The friends i have made through my blogging and facebook, i would not be coping as well
as i am without their support - love you all xx
3. My crafting (most of the time - except when my MOJO keeps going on holiday!)
4. Eating out
5. Laying in the bath (have done that today already)
6. Spending lazy weekends at home just watching tv, eating and a bit of crafting
7. My lovely Rocky Bear, ive only had him since the end of last May but can not imagine
life without him
8. Receiving surprises through the post, which ive been fortunate with since i started blogging
crafting friends are sooooooo kind
9. Helping others and listening to others problems, as i never feel more worthy then when i can
help someone else
10. Shopping - for crafting stash (when funds allow) and for christmas presents (except last
year, that kind of crept up on me!)

So there you have it ladies. I have struggled with who to pass this award on to, but over the last week these special ladies have brought a smile to my face for one reason or other.

1. My loveliest friend Jill
2. The lovely Jen
3. Shirley

Thank you all for listening to my moaning, and thank you even more for still visiting my blog. You all brighten my day, big hugs Linda x


Jilli said...

OMG put it this way honey surely it can't get any worse for you! I really do sympathise with you and you know where i am if you need a natter ... generally on Facebook LOL! Sending you huge hugs ... Jillix

Bubbles said...

Oh my goodness Linda you poor thing. You must be pulling your hair out at the moment, bless you. Fingers crossed you have gotten all of the bad out of the way at the beginning of the year and everything else will be plain sailing!
Congrats on the award.
Joanne x

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness this is just sooooo beautiful!!! I LOVE the colors and the diecuts on the side look wonderful!!! Beautifully colored too!!!

Oh my sweetie so sorry to hear what you are going through...I really hope things only get better!! big hugs your way sweetie!!!

Pinkllilac said...

OMG Linda it's really not a good start to the New Year for you but as long as everyone is ok that is the main thing and I do hope rest of the year will be bright and sunny for you as you deserve it hun. Thinking of you and your lovely family.

Another beautiful card and love that punch you have, great colours.
Hugs Linda

Jill said...

aww Linda your card is gorgeous and I love your new MSBP, aww hun so sorry to hear you've been having a bad time, sending you lots of hugs take care Jill xx

jackiescrafts said...

Oh Linda poor you surely things can't get any worse, lets hope things start to improve for you and the rest of the year is a good one for you
Congratulations on your award

Hugs Jackie x

Rosemary said...

Linda they say bad things happen in 3's . You have made that limit. Hopefully things will improve for the rest of the year. Love your card beautiful as all yours are.

Lesley said...

oh man u really are having a shocking time...but if u need me u know that i am here...luv n hugs Lesley xx

Lilacanglia said...

oh my giddy aunt,
I am praying that things get better real fast for you,
lovely card,
Don't forget you have friends who have shoulders to lean on,

cats whiskers said...

Oh Hun can it get any worse, your son must feel mortified hope this is a years bad luck in one go hun.

BTW love the card it is just perfect and I love the Border Punch you have used
Hugs Jacqui x

wandykj said...

WOW!!! If you need to vent, I'm here for you:) You've definitely had your fill already this year so it can only get better from here:) I think that Spring needs to come & get all of those "yuks" away! I think we're all ready for that to happen like tomorrow or even today!

Keep your chin up! You're such a sweetheart that I know the rest of the year will be brighter:)


Crissy Armstrong said...

This is so gorgeous Linda. I love the daisy border!

Emma said...

Gorgeous card Linda, love the image and colours.
Will mail you later...
Big hugs, Emma x

Annie said...

you made a beautiful card Linda, and that punch is a stunner! I am glad that the driving course sorted itself out, and hope that your house problems get sorted soon too. Try not to stress, easier said then done I know! Crafting is a great way of unwinding and forgetting things, for a little while at least.
love and hugs,
annie x

Diane.W. said...

Gorgeous card Linda,papers are luvly (I have the red/pink set!!!).
No wonder you feel fed-up,too much stress.
Got a day off today,chat later :o)x

Anesha said...

Oh Linda, so sorry to hear about what has happened. I can image how stressful it must all be for you. Lovely card. Take care. Hugs Anesha

Chrissy said...

Hi Linda, gorgeous card as always. I am sorry it is so difficult right now. In fact it sounds as though your son cannot do right for wrong either, whilst reading this couldn't help but sympathise with him too.
Big hugs to all of you XX

debby4000 said...

No wonder you feel that this year hasn't started well. Having brothers and loads of nephews this sounds pretty much normal! Hope things improve and settle down.
Your cards by the way is fabulous and the little darling is one of my faves too.

Nannieflash said...

Oh Sweetheart, it sounds as though with your back against the wall the only way is forward, and im sure with a bit of patience things will hopefully improve for you, you do seem to have had it hard recently. I absolutely love your gorgeous card its stunning, and thank you so much for the award, bless you my love. With love and huge hugs Shirleyxxx

Cheryl said...

OMG Linda,I do hope that is the end of all the troubles.I love your gorgeous card,so pretty and I love that border punch,just purchased it today!!! Take care!!
Hugs xx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh Linda I really, really feel for you!
Love your beautiful card!
It is so super gorgeous!
kim x

nessy said...

oh linda sending you the very biggest hug ever ~who said 2010 would be better??
so wish you lived nearer!!
vanessa xx

Dena said...

Hey Linda, I'm so glad you're back!!! Love your cute card! Beautiful border punch!
Hugs to you!

Glitter Monkey said...

Oh wow hunny what an awful start to the year. Things can only get better. I know you say you are low but you will be back to your usual sunny and positive self once you shrug this off. Bless you!! Lol Lynn ♥

Lynn Mercurio said...

Wow, it seems like you have had a week similar to mine...filled with unexpected events. One thing is certain - life is never dull! HA! Thank you for commenting on my blog - your sweet comments really started my day off right. =)

steph said...

OMW Linda! I thought me and my friend were having a bad start to 2010! I hope you manage to get everything sorted out with as little hassle as possible. Big hugs xxx

Heather said...

Oh sweetie!!!! I am so sorry about all of this!!! My sister and I did not cause any of this type of grief. .. but my brother did. I can tell you I dread the teen/ car years. My daughter (who is brought up in a humble we dont always get what we want home) hates my dads work van. I told her she was getting a clunker like that for her first car ... she will be safe and the car will be safe as well ;). She rolled her eyes and said "well, I just wont drive it around town!" DONE!!! Ha!!! Better for m1 :)!!!

Again, I am so sorry for all that you are dealing with at the moment. I am sending you hugs and prayers. I imagine how stressful this is. My brother is 30 and still has oopses and uhohs. I see what my mom and dad go through and what we do to help ... so I somewhat feel your pain.

Hope you have a good day.


OH YEA!!!! DUH!!!
Your card is adorable!!!! That image is sweet as can be and I love your papers.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, what a week you have had!! My heart goes out to you....when it rains it really does pour!! At least nobody was hurt!!

Cindy Haffner said...

Love your card Linda. Kids, you gottta love them.

Vicki said...

OMG Linda surely things can only get better! I wonder if you have accidental damage cover on your buildings insurance will they pay out, because after all this is why we pay it, damage caused through an accident!? It's worth a try anyway.

All said and your card is beautiful and that punch is just lush!

Big hugs
Vicki x

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